Use of Catheter Rail System for Delivery and Deployment of a Graft Device for the Ascending Aorta

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Aneurysms and dissections are potentially life-threatening conditions in which a blood vessel becomes compromised. An aneurysm is an enlargement of the vessel which can burst and cause internal bleeding, while a dissection is a tear or branch in a vessel wall through which blood can flow into surrounding tissues. Treating aneurysms and dissections in the upper sections of the heart can be quite challenging, as large arteries close to the heart have higher and more variable pressures. Although catheter-based treatments for the descending aorta are available, these procedures are not well adapted for treating dissections or aneurysms of the ascending aorta. A significant risk of these surgical procedures is that the catheter will go down the wrong path and cause severe bleeding in the aorta.



Dr. Robert Siegel of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has developed a device that provides an improved alternative for surgical treatment of aneurysms and dissections of the ascending aorta. This technology provides a stable rail system so a stent graft can easily be placed on the ascending aorta.


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• Increased stability during stent deployment

• Reduced risk of an unstable catheter going down the wrong path and causing bleeding or other complications 



Treatment of aneurysms and dissections in the ascending aorta


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• U.S. Patent 9,463,104 – granted

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