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Current communication methods with patients who cannot speak due to a medical procedure or language barrier are not very effective. Traditional methods such as pen/paper and alphabet/picture sheet have their limitations. Patients could be too weak to write legibly and hard to understand or interpret. Patients may not be able to accurately point to alphabet/picture sheet due to small and overwhelming print. Alphabet/picture sheet also lacks read back function to confirm patients' intention.


Technology Description

The My Voice communication app has the following features:


• Touch screen /keyboard/handwriting functions, picture icon oriented, voice read back for confirmation

• Available in different languages

• Downloadable to any smart device

• Improve communication between caregivers and conscious patients who are intubated, have tracheostomy, or are non-English speaking.

• Alleviate Anxiety, fear and depression in patients, family members and staff.


Stage of Development

A prototype of the app has been developed and testing/feedback has been done on intubated patients in the CICU at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.


Advantages /Novelty

CSMC is an international leader in clinical care and biomedical research. The inventors have identified the unmet medical needs directly from their daily clinical work. CSMC also has the patient population with whom the developed app can be tested and validated clinically.



Seeking collaboration with medical app or IT company to build a fully functional prototype and testing. The targeted customers are broad:

• Intubated/tracheostomy/non-English speaking patients.

• Stroke and pediatric patients.

• Families, caregivers and other medical facilities


Intellectual Property


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