Modification to the Existing Guidewire Design

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In a number of medical procedures, guidewires are unintentionally retained within a patient. At present, the only way to prevent this from happening requires the proceduralist to keep control of the proximal end of the wire so that it does not accidentally slip inside. The risk of such events increases owing to Human Factors, especially when the physician or the healthcare provider is tired, distracted, or in training. When a guidewire is retained, it often requires an additional removal procedure, which may be more invasive in nature. Thus, there is an unmet need for a guidewire with design features that act as engineered safety controls to prevent unintentional retention.


Technology Description

The current invention is a set of modifications to the design of existing guidewires. The incorporated design features allow the guidewire to expand and collapse, which makes it impossible for it to slip inside and get retained, even in situations where the proceduralist accidently loses control over the proximal end. Therefore, this design modification will decrease the likelihood that the guidewire is inadvertently retained inside a patient.


Stage of Development

Concept only



• Built-in features to decrease unintentional retention of guidewires in patients



• Reduce the number of inadvertently retained guidewires in patients


Intellectual Property

• U.S. Provisional Patent Application filed 

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