Patient Size Dependent Dose for Consistent Low Contrast Detectability in Abdominal CT

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Although CT scans have become a prominent diagnostic tool, the public has increased concerns about radiation exposure, especially the dose to pediatric patients. The result is a move towards reducing radiation dose to the minimum required for a particular patient size, lesion size and discernable contrast need. Despite widespread agreement among radiologists that radiation dose should be adjusted for specific imaging scenarios, a lack of quantitative relationship means no standard dose adaptation methodology exists. 


Technology Description

Researchers from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have developed a quantitative model for radiation dose adjustment for a wide range of patient sizes for consistent low contrast image quality in X-ray CT imaging. This advancement allows radiologists to determine and apply the minimum required radiation dose for a particular imaging scenario. The researchers describe the relationship between minimum detectable contrast, lesion size, patient size, and radiation dose in abdominal CT scans as:


MDC=A(L) dB(L)DoseC(L)


where MDC is the predetermined detectable contrast, d is the lesion size, Dose is radiation dose, A(L), B(L) and C(L) are pre-determined fitted parameters for the CT imaging system and L is the determined value for the size of the subject.


The researchers have validated the model using tissue equivalent abdomen phantoms representative of infant to large adult patients. The model was verified on two modern 64-slice scanners, and the same methodology can be extended to other scanners. For scans reconstructed using iterative reconstruction algorithms, the researchers also relate minimum detectable contrast to blending fraction. 


Stage of Development

Working prototype with in-vitro data.



Reduces CT radiation dosage without compromising CT image quality.



 Reduce patient radiation dosage


Intellectual Property

• U.S. Patent 9,848,846 – granted



• Yifang Zhou et al. On the relationship of minimum detectable contrast to dose and lesion size in abdominal CT. Phys. Med. Biol. 2015 Oct 7;60(19):7671-94. Link


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