Soukiasian Pleurodesis System

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Pleural effusion, or fluid accumulation in the pleural space, causes pressure on the lungs, making it difficult to expand them fully during respiration. Fluid build-up in the pleural space can cause shortness of breath, chest pain, and even a collapsed lung. This condition is typically seen in patients with cancer, heart disease, and infections. The typical treatment for pleural effusion is drainage, pleurodesis, and in severe cases, surgery. Pleurodesis, a procedure in which irritant substances are introduced to the pleural space to promote fibrosis and scarring, seals the pleural space so that pleural effusion is less likely to reoccur. Pleurodesis is also a treatment option for spontaneous pneumothorax, a condition in which the lung collapses due to air leaks into the pleural space. 


Irritant substances include talc, which while effective, has been linked to various forms of cancer and is no longer used at some hospitals and treatment centers. At centers where talc is no longer used, physicians lack effective alternatives to eliminate pleural effusion and treat spontaneous pneumothorax. Thus, despite many developments in the field of pleural drainage and spontaneous pneumothorax, there remains a need for an improved treatment of these conditions.


Technology Description

Dr. Harmik Soukiasian, the Director of the Division of Thoracic Surgery at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, has developed a novel device for the treatment of pleural effusion and spontaneous pneumothorax. The device can drain fluid and air from the pleural space and deploy a material impregnated with a non-toxic chemical to the outer surface of a lung. The chemical(s) will increase the inflammatory process, leading to adhesion and scarring.


Stage of Development

Concept only



• Treat and potentially eliminate pleural effusion and spontaneous pneumothorax

o Drain fluid and air (reduces dead spaces/voids)

o Constant suction

o Straightforward application of irritant substance

o Maintain apposition of parietal and visceral pleura



Treatment of pleural effusion and spontaneous pneumothorax


Intellectual Property

• U.S. Provisional Patent Application filed



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