Methods for In Vitro Expansion of Adult Tissue Stem Cells

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This invention discloses a culture method to expand adult lung stem cells and generate lung organoids. The generated lung organoids are superior models of lung disease compared to isolated cells.   


Technology Description

The human airway epithelial tissues consist of closely packed functional cells and resident stem or progenitor cells, and the composition varies depending on airway locations. Dr. Barry Stripp’s group have developed a culture method to derive organoids from an adult lung. These organoids recapitulate specialized epithelial cell types of the specific airway location. By coupling with culture conditions that promote stem cell expansion and maintenance of “stemness”, these organoid-based cultures are superior to freshly isolated cells for modeling lung diseases. Recently, they have made further advances in the culture method that exploit pharmacologic tools to further enhance lung stem cell expansion. Their data suggests that the improved method enhances both colony forming efficiency (percentage of colonies of total number of cells seeded) and organoid sizes. 



•  The adult lung organoids and culture medium are available for licensing as research and development tool. Compared to isolated cells, lung organoids are easy to store and ship and allow the expansion of regional lung stem cell populations to achieve greater numbers of organoid-producing progenitors for functional screens.

•  The organoid culture method can be applied to generate patient or disease specific models of region-specific lung epithelium for drug screening, etc.


Intellectual Property

Provisional patent application filed


Selected Publication

McConnell et al. p53 Regulates Progenitor Cell Quiescence and Differentiation in the Airway. Cell Reports.  2016, 17: 2173-2182 [Link]


Figure: Lung organoid formation from freshly isolated cells on Day 8. Addition of Drug A or Drug C to culture medium increases the percentage colony forming efficiency (CFE), while addition of Drug B increases organoid sizes.



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