Novel Cell Permeable Peptide to Treat Melanoma

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Melanoma is the most aggressive and dangerous type of skin cancer with incidence rate rising at average 1.5% each year over the last 10 years. In the United States, melanoma is the fifth most common cancer among men and the sixth most common cancer among women. It is estimated that there will be 91,270 new melanoma cases and 9,320 people will die of this disease in 2018. Melanoma symptoms oftentimes only become present once melanoma has metastasized, and the 5-year survival rates quickly drops to around 20% once the cancer spreads to distant organs such as the liver, lungs, bones, and brain. This invention discloses a new cell permeable peptide with strong in vivo efficacy for melanoma, particularly metastasis.


Technology Description

Akt1/PKB protein kinase pathway plays important roles in nutrient uptake and energy metabolism and strongly associated with cancer cell growth and metastasis. Akt1 hyperactivation in cancer has been reported, and Akt1 is a known cancer drug development target. The inventors designed a new cell permeable peptide known as the IAPP peptide to inhibit Akt1 activation. Using the well-established B16 melanoma cell line and YUMM1.7 cell line, a mouse cell line harboring relevant human mutation, the inventors demonstrated that the IAPP peptide inhibited Akt1 activation and significantly reduced cancer burden in vivo with no observed toxicity. The inventors are further optimizing the peptide to enhance its stability and delivery.


Stage of Development

Preclinical; in-vivo data available



Strong in vivo efficacy against a validated cancer target



•       The IAPP peptide can be developed into therapeutics for melanoma and potentially other types of cancer.


Intellectual Property

Provisional application filed


Figure 1: IAPP peptide reduces lung metastasis in B16 melanoma metastasis model

Figure 2: IAPP peptide reduces cutaneous melanoma growth in YUMM1.7 model

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