Ultrasound Steerable Tip Needle

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Endoscopic ultrasound needles are used to sample lesions or access extraluminal areas such as the bile ducts, pancreatic ducts, gallbladder, and small bowel in order to deliver injectable material or access that organ with catheters, stents, or other devices. Procedures usually involve passing a wire through the needle to allow further access. Currently available needles have a rigid end. Therefore, when passing a wire, the direction of the wire can only be changed by rotating the wire or bouncing it off an opposing wall. Therefore, a device that allows for control over the direction of the needle would be greatly beneficial in endoscopic procedures.


Technology Description

Dr. Laith Jamil and Dr. Ali Rezaie from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have developed a novel endoscopic needle with a steerable tip that can be angled after it accesses an organ within a patient. This device makes it easier to direct wires or intended therapies in a certain direction. The needle is directed to the target site using a visual image produced by ultrasound.


Stage of Development

Concept only



• Increased maneuverability of endoscopic needles

• Easier access for endoscopic procedures



• Access of extraluminal areas for endoscopic procedure


Intellectual Property

• U.S. Provisional Application filed


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